In today’s modern world, solid wood over woodframe is the prefered form of installation. Concrete slab subfloors are common in high rise developments and below grade applications. Glue-down or floating methods of install require the material to be engineered. This is a veneer or wood wear layer laminated over a plywood substructure. Red and white oak, maple, birch, douglas fir, north american cherry and walnut are widely used in this market with standard dimensions of 2 ¼” 3 ¼” 4” 5” and 6” in width. Wider plank is available on a custom order basis.

When dealing with a concrete subfloor, some attention must be paid to the levelness of the slab. Woodsong can provide you with the correct specification to ensure a sound, level substrate ideally suited for your laminate or engineered product.

In older homes some settling is likely to occur. Pronounced high spots or noticeable dips can be troublesome in traffic areas. Sometimes a living room is expanded out over the old front porch location and the original levels aren’t adjusted, so you feel a drop off when walking towards the front of the house. Woodsong Hardwood is experienced in woodframe correction and prior to a new installation, we will include this option in your quotation.

Engineered Flooring

Laminate in a basement suite or a genuine wood floor over radiant heat, either pre- or post-site finished, can provide your basement reno or high end condo with the natural beauty of wood flooring.

Work Environment

For Woodsong Hardwood, an organized workstation is in line with creating a controlled emvironment during your renovation. Time tested procedure has been developed to ensure quality workmanship, problem solving and job efficiency.

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